Important Facts about the Prague Sex Toy and Erotic Machines Museum

Have you heard about the Sex Machine Museum located in Prague? Reviews here. If you are still not aware of its existence then it is high time that you get yourself educated a bit more. This museum in Prague has shown the world some of the most alluring sex toys that are yet to be available in the market. So, go through this article nicely to get a virtual tour of the world’s kinkiest museum.

About the museum in details

The Sex Machine Museum is the world’s first-ever sex museum that the creators have dared to build. It has got a wide variety of sexual gadgets that can give you the horniest feeling ever. There are three big floors that are dedicated to the sex toys present in the museum. You will be able to locate over 200 different types of kinky objects there that will surely blow your mind.

There are many mechanical gadgets that are only limited to viewing and an art gallery that has got erotic pictures in it. You will get to watch some old films that are extremely sexually inclined and are enough to make you feel the highest level of orgasm. There are erotic clothes on display in a section of this museum and loads of other objects that will raise the inner sexual feeling of yours.

If you are extremely curious about how various types of dildos look or what are the various types of condoms available then you must give this museum a try. You will get to see all of them collectively and can even see their functions on the mannequins. There are various types of harnesses, leather masks, whips, and other erotic objects that can make a person feel orgasm just with a single look.

All the weirdest objects that man has dared to create for getting sexual pleasure are available in this museum. You name some sex toys and they are surely available here. There are also some very tricky gadgets available here that can be used to detect several sexual activities. For example, there is an anti-masturbation appliance that can detect whether a man’s penis is erecting or not. This is surely one of the classiest and advanced appliances that find its place in this museum.

Why should you make a visit?

It is an open secret that everyone loves to have fun with sex toys but what if one gets to experience a world of it together. It is surely going to be overwhelming and a very memorable trip. So why miss out on this amazing experience when you can but that from the Sex Machine Museum in Prague?

This museum has been a favorite place for many who love to go back to it in their every visit to the city. There are a lot of things to learn about sex toys and more about this topic visit this website from this museum and it is high time that people stop making this a taboo.

So, the next time you are visiting Prague make it a point to visit the Sex Machine Museum.

Visit Mccarthy’s Santa, Who Is Called the Gnome with the Butt Plug

The renowned city of Rotterdam comprises of an Artistic piece sculptured statue displaying Santa Clause. The credit for this sculpture goes to the American artist Paul McCarthy who is noted for his controversial creations with his power of imagination.

A statue of Santa Clause, with Christmas tree?

Truly, McCarthy has give life to a stylized and dark massive statue of Santa Clause holding a unique pine tree. But this statue created such a bitter controversy, that it was never inaugurated in Schouwburgplein. Though it is not a statue displaying sex, denizens of Rotterdam falsely interpreted it as so because they found the tree to be too sexy. To be precise, people took it as a sex toy like it’s another fuck toy that you can buy everywhere now.

The Butt Plug Gnome

Rotterdam people badly objected to the said statue not for the sake of religious open-mindedness but for the sake of tree in Santa’s hand, the statue gained the nickname of “The Butt Plug Gnome.”Sadly enough, a statue which is of Santa Clause (who was none other than Saint Nicholas) has been designed with a sex toy like a symbol in hand only because it has been designed by McCarthy.

You will be surprised a bit because, the pine tree has been interpreted as a sex toy or a symbol signifying something that is too sexual. But, the nickname has been proved to be wonderful to the World Sex-Positive Community!

The statue of the Santa or what the denizens of Rotterdam have labelled it for the presence of sex toy has sadly proved to be just nothing! Rather, it has led the local government ran into problem because it (the government) spends in vain a huge amount of money with a view to commission public art.

Post to the rejection of Santa Clause statue by Schouwburgplein, officials wanted to place it on Rotterdam’s main street associated with shopping activities. But, this idea was opposed. Four years later, the sculpture of McCarthy in discussion was placed and unveiled in the Museum Park. Again after a span of three years, it was re installed in a different location within the same park.

The final home of Santa

Finally, on the 28th of November 2008, the Sculpture was permanently placed on the Eendrachtsplein. Accompanied by a procession of sorts, a band which was on a march played a cheerful tune as children dressed in Christmas Garb and Dunce Caps got indulged in dance and merry making alongside the statue. Three cheers to the children for welcoming Santa to his new home.

The bronze statue was actually installed first in Rotterdam to grasp everybody’s attention with the famous Santa Clause holding a Christmas tree and a festive bell! But what you think the opposite happens. The public falsely interprets the Christmas tree to be a sex toy, a giant “butt plug.” Isn’t it shocking?

The statue rose to fame not as a sculpture of Santa but as a sculpture of “Kabouter Butt plug.” But Paul McCarthy didn’t lose his indomitable spirit with these mixed reactions on the part of people seeing his Santa. Wait to watch what he creates next!

Adult Unearthed Pictures Beginning

New beginnings bring new challenges as we all now. This website will be done with an old way of communication and that is blog-type content. Some of you may say there are better ways of communication in this frantic world. When it comes to showing hidden parts of our personality and sexuality there is no better way than direct and not constraint access to the things that you like. Instagram is to some extent restrictively and that happens when you have a boss looking over you. When it comes to blog you have the freedom of doing whatever you want.

This website will focus on historical photos of human sexuality. Anything from old Playboy magazines to aged vintage sexual photos that our grandfathers were watching.

As a teaser first-ever Playboy magazine cover.